Ts and Cs of business

Terms and conditions of business, applicable to all transactions

1. Prices and specifications

The company reserves the right to alter its prices as well as the specifications, types or qualities of the goods at any time prior to the delivery of the goods. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and refer to stipulated quantities only and will not necessarily hold good for other quantities.

All implied terms, conditions and warranties as to the quality or condition of the goods are excluded, however, provided the customer gives notice and substantiation of any defect of the goods within 24 hours of receipt of same (except for goods sold as defective), then the company will replace the defective goods or repay the customer a proportion of the price.

2. Responsibility

Responsibility for the goods shall pass to the customer upon delivery of the goods to the customer or the customer’s agent.

3. Terms of payment

Payment must be made only by cash at the time of purchase, unless credit has been previously agreed and arranged before purchase. Cheques will not be accepted without approved references or prior agreement.

Where credit facilities have been agreed the terms of payment shall be cash (net) payable by the customer to the company within 7 days of the date of invoice together with VAT where applicable at the appropriate rate. The company reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion to revoke or vary any credit extended to the customer including the credit period referred to above and to charge interest at the rate of 2% above the published base rate from time to time of HSBC on any amounts not paid on the due date.

4. Reservation of title

All goods supplied by the company to the customer shall remain the property of the company until the entire purchase price and all other sums due by the customer to the company have been paid in full. If any amount owing by the customer to the company is overdue, the company may without prejudice to any of its other rights or remedies repossess and resell any or all of such goods and may enter the customer’s premises for that purpose.

Notwithstanding the provisions hereof all risks whether insurable or otherwise relating to the goods supplied by the company to the customer shall pass to the customer upon delivery.

5. Set off

The company shall be entitled at any time whatsoever, without notice to the customer, to set-off amounts due on any account whatsoever by the company to the customer against amounts due on any account whatsoever to the company by the customer.

6. Limitation of liability

The company shall have no liability for indirect or consequential loss, damage, injury or expense including loss of profit, however arising except in respect of death or personal injury occasioned by the company’s negligence.

7. General

In the event that any condition is only valid to the extent that it is reasonable (whether under statute or otherwise) the customer on purchasing the goods acknowledges that such condition is reasonable.

The company shall not be liable for any default due to any act of God, war, strikes, lock out, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other events beyond its reasonable control.

8. Waiver

Failure or neglect by the company to enforce at any time any rights shall not be a waiver or prejudice the company’s rights.

9. Incorporation of terms and conditions

All businesses conducted by the company whereby the company sells goods shall be subject to the above, save as expressly varied, and shall form part of the terms of contract between the company and the customer. Clause 5 above shall apply to all contracts between the company and the customer under which the company has agreed to purchase goods from the customer.

M&W Mack Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company registration number 447404
Registered office: The Fresh Produce Centre, Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, Kent TN12 6UT

Enquiries regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to your primary sales contact in the first instance. In the event of dispute or query, please contact the Finance Director at The Fresh Produce Centre, Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, Kent TN12 6UT. Tel: 01892 835577


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The following statement explains our policy regarding the personal information we collect
about you.

  1. Statement of intent
  2. Use and storage of your personal information
  3. Access to your personal information
  4. Users 16 and under

1. Statement of intent

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2. Use and storage of your personal information

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3. Access to your personal information

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information Mack holds about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. (We charge £10 for information requests.) Please address requests to: The Company Secretary, Mack, The Fresh Produce Centre, Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, Kent TN12 6UT

4. Users 16 and under

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