Sourcing high quality fruit from carefully selected growers is at the heart of what we do at Mack fruit. 

We believe that working closely with our growers is the best way to produce fruit that looks and tastes delicious. Our source team works in the field with growers all around the world, helping them nurture their produce from the moment the seeds are planted.

We assist our growers with any training and certifications they may need, from Global G.A.P to Fairtrade.

Most of our growers have been working with us for many years with strong partnerships based on similar values of quality, sustainability and commitment.


The world of fresh produce is fast, innovative and always changing. The Mack fruit marketing team are experts at keeping ahead of the curve and they’re often absorbed in analysing data to predict future patterns and trends. Our expertise gives customers a competitive edge, helping them stay ahead with their packaging, sales and promotional mechanics.

Category Management

Category management takes away the stress of supply for our customers, Mack fruit looks after your fruit throughout the whole chain. Category management puts all supply information in one place with a dedicated point of contact at Mack, working to take care of the produce from field to shelf.

B2B Managed Services


We offer a range of different packing solutions, using different state-of-the-art machinery and a variety of packaging materials. Our packhouse and warehouse team are experts in carefully handling produce, carefully looking after each fruit from inloading to outloading.


Not only do we have custom ripening chambers for bananas, stone fruit and avocados; we also have blast chilling units which enables better control of the ripening process and a better end result. We have a team of experts who manage this process from start to finish, ripening to different specification levels.


It can be hard for smaller produce companies to take advantage of the price benefits and lower costs associated with larger pallet fills and packing runs. Smaller customers take advantage of our broad customer base by consolidating volumes with us. This is a great way to become more competitive in the produce market.

Stock Control/Order Processing

We can manage both daily and weekly order requirements, tracking fruit from source to customer. Each account has a dedicated point of contact at Mack fruit with full traceability on all of your products.

Order Picking

Our packhouse team are experts at order picking, selecting the best produce to fulfil each order quickly and accurately.

Quality Management

Quality is one of our underpinning values and we strive to meet or exceed customers’ expectations at all times. Quality checks are tailored for each product and take place throughout the supply chain.


Our warehouse is made up of 4,800 storage spaces. Each storage area is temperature controlled dependent on product, ensuring ideal storage conditions for each item.