UK produce supplier, Mack and RSA stone fruit grower, Fruits Unlimited have teamed up to invest in a joint venture that will bring a series of exclusive Zaiger Interspecific plums to the UK market.

Zaiger Interspecific plums are varieties which have been cross pollinated naturally with other stone fruits such as apricots without any use of genetic modification. These natural hybrid plum varieties are not only an extremely good eat but also attractive in terms of skin and flesh colour.

The Zaiger breeding programme is currently the largest of its kind globally, boasting over 250,000 conventional crosses of different prunus species every single year. This wealth of genetic material has given rise to many distinguished varieties already planted in South Africa, such as the Flavor King™ and Flavor Fall varieties.

Zaiger Interspecific plums are crossed naturally using bees and other friendly insects.. Although in the beginning the varieties produced were random, Zaiger has spent years pinpointing the best tasting varieties which have now been passed on to The Custom Plum Company.

With interspecifics we have more flexibility to breed stronger characteristics into the fruit which make varieties better both for growers and consumers. Brix level remains crucial with interspecific varieties.

Most plums have a brix level of between 10 and 15 but Zaiger Interspecific plums range from 16 to 18, giving them a sweeter taste.

Full commercial volumes of some of The Custom Plum Company’s Zaiger interspecific varieties will be available by 2020 but smaller commercial volumes are already being supplied exclusively to a prominent UK retailer through Mack.

Further information can be found on The Custom Plum Company website:

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